Interested in a trendy career? Become a hair growth expert

One of the hottest careers in 2016 are hair growth experts. Many men and women all around the world suffer from hair loss with age. A hair growth expert offers supplemental solutions for people that want to do something about their problem. Not convinced that hair growth supplements actually work? Let’s see what science says:

After skincare comes the eager intake of hair growth supplements due to lusterless hair and rapidly thinning hair issues faced by both the genders. The awful truth is that more than 50% of men over 50 have one or the other kind of hair fall condition. Stats also show that all men and women lose hair as they age, irrespective of how thick or thin their hair may be.

But one of the most important things that need to be understood is that 50-100 hair falls off the head per day, so this should not be confused with hair fall. The easiest way to check whether or not someone is going through hair fall issues, the best test is to grab 20-25 hair and pull slowly yet firmly. If more than 6 hairs come out, it means there is some issue and it needs to be checked by a dermatologist. But what are the reasons for hair fall and why is it becoming so common these days? Are all the popular hair growth supplements actually effective? How? Read on to find out more.